I tagged this as a rumor as there is no concrete proof yet. I will change it if this becomes fact. But Daft Punk live might be happening this year.

I'd like to believe this is happening.... But you guys have to realize that:

  1. this was published on YouTube thru an account that isn't daft punk or Columbia Records
  2. why would they use the SAME pyramid art as 2007?
  3. the video told us NOTHING... like literally it says nothing about Alive 2017 even happening

So in conclusion, it's just a fan video of someone evil trolling all of us whom have been waiting so long for another live tour. The reason its amazing that nobody here notices these things. But this is a random youtube account that seems to be taking branding recycling it for their purposes? My gut is telling me that it is garbage right now even though I want it to be true.

I will get expited, but only when I see an official statement from whoever is in charge of the decision.


Not really.

Teens tend to use their phones a lot at concerts. At least that is how it appears to me.

I've been to shows with a lot of people on phones.

In general, older people are more considerate of others. I'm sure everyone will take some pics and a video or 2, but I imagine older people would value the experience and choose to be 'in the moment' as opposed to texting, tweeting, or uploading pics and video to social media while the concert goes along in the background.

Let people enjoy the memory in their own way. Unless someone is standing in front of you with a 12 foot iPad blocking your view who gives a shit?

Regardless, I never understood the hate for phones at shows.

I mean, it got annoying once at a show because a woman's phone was literally on my head because she couldn't keep her arm up, lol.

It normally does seem to be a lot of young teens, but I notice they get all emotional over the songs, so maybe they have different meanings to them. Also, I want to keep memories of an awesome night (although I'm more for pictures and a few Snapchat videos).

ALSO I'm short, so chances are, I can actually see in someone's screen, rather than being stuck behind a 6 foot bro.


I like live music. And there are a lot og good options for that in Savannah. One that I like is the live music outside Wild Wings from Thursday-Sunday (sometimes maybe Tuesday or Wednesday) and maybe on river street because of the holidays. Other than that, we're a drinking town, we like our live music in bars with copious amounts of booze.

Something worth checking out might be Wyld Restaurant, Basils on Willmington, and maybe some places on tybee.