Teens end up with some terrible jobs. But there are some jobs out there for teens that aren't that bad. Lets face it the ammount of jobs that are open to teens are limited, and the good ones can be hard to come by.

One good one? The movie theater.

I spent about a year working at a movie theater. Short bursts of insane business, followed by plenty of down time to screw around.

It can be hard work at times and the hours can get kind of wild (working to late is not uncommon), but you generally get all the free soda and popcorn you want.

Theater staff tends to skew young, so you could be with people your own age, which is great. And because there is a lot of staff turnover with businesses that depend on teens, if you stick it out, you can make supervisor or management in a reasonable amount of time.

Some theaters have free ticket exchange programs, where you can take friends to see movies for free at your theater, or even other theaters sometimes. You'd have to check with the management, but you would expect at least one free pass for yourself for just about anything.

It was honestly some of the most fun I've had at a job.

Obviously theaters will vary, but I thought we had it pretty good. We were paid above minimum wage, were allowed to see movies for free, earned guest passes to take our friends to movies, free popcorn, pop, and frozen drinks, heavily discounted other concessions, and had flexible hours.

Also - if you like free promotional stuff, be prepared for a ton of it.