I tagged this as a rumor as there is no concrete proof yet. I will change it if this becomes fact. But Daft Punk live might be happening this year.

I'd like to believe this is happening.... But you guys have to realize that:

  1. this was published on YouTube thru an account that isn't daft punk or Columbia Records
  2. why would they use the SAME pyramid art as 2007?
  3. the video told us NOTHING... like literally it says nothing about Alive 2017 even happening

So in conclusion, it's just a fan video of someone evil trolling all of us whom have been waiting so long for another live tour. The reason its amazing that nobody here notices these things. But this is a random youtube account that seems to be taking branding recycling it for their purposes? My gut is telling me that it is garbage right now even though I want it to be true.

I will get expited, but only when I see an official statement from whoever is in charge of the decision.


Not really.

Teens tend to use their phones a lot at concerts. At least that is how it appears to me.

I've been to shows with a lot of people on phones.

In general, older people are more considerate of others. I'm sure everyone will take some pics and a video or 2, but I imagine older people would value the experience and choose to be 'in the moment' as opposed to texting, tweeting, or uploading pics and video to social media while the concert goes along in the background.

Let people enjoy the memory in their own way. Unless someone is standing in front of you with a 12 foot iPad blocking your view who gives a shit?

Regardless, I never understood the hate for phones at shows.

I mean, it got annoying once at a show because a woman's phone was literally on my head because she couldn't keep her arm up, lol.

It normally does seem to be a lot of young teens, but I notice they get all emotional over the songs, so maybe they have different meanings to them. Also, I want to keep memories of an awesome night (although I'm more for pictures and a few Snapchat videos).

ALSO I'm short, so chances are, I can actually see in someone's screen, rather than being stuck behind a 6 foot bro.


A quinceañera party isn't a reward, it's a gift. There's a distinct difference between the two. Rewards are earned and are dependent upon our actions whereas gifts are given freely regardless of our actions.

And that is what a quinceañera is.

It is a gift that you give to your daughter. As I was growing up, a family that lived in our neighborhood had a daughter my age. We were both children of Mexican parents, and so it was clear that the quinceañera was going to be a part of our teen lives.

Honestly, I don't remember much leading up to mine.

My parents weren't over pushy about it. We talked about it several times, but that was about it. And then we started planning it.

I had never helped plan my birthday before so it was a mixture of intrest and disinterest. Mostly the later.

My friend on the other hand saw her quinceañera a day as royalty with those around her as chess pieces. This was until her parents decided to use it as a lever to push her in the right direction. Her grades had started to slip in that school year and so she constandly swung between cloud nine and being down.

Honestly I was a kid that did poorly in school. Not because I wasn't smart enough but because I just didn't care that much. My grades were fine by me. My parents asked me to try harder, they didn't punishment for bad grades though, becuase they knew that it wasn't going to get them anywhere.

I will be honest in my last year and a half I turned it all back around.

My children who do well in school though like all do have bad grades on occasion.

Instead of punishing them I find ways to encourage them to do better. And that almost always works. I know just because this works for me doesn't mean it will work for you.

And I saw first hand how it could be impropperly used.

I ended up tutoring my friend and helped her pull her grades up so that she could have the party that she wanted. But it has been my opinion ever since then that a child's birthday should be celebrated by you and your child, it should be special. It is the one day a year that is about no one but them.

With the birthday celebration, you are celebrating the child as a person—who is growing up, and has learned/done a lot in the past year, and will learn/do so much more in the coming year.

The birthday allows you to show the child how proud you are that the child is your child, and make her feel special. Now, in my case the grades reflected choices that I made as a child, and I will be honest, in my case I did not put enough effort into learning the material or time spent on assignments.

But it can just as easily be external factors like problems with friends that are influencing the child's grades. Either way, this doesn't change who your child is as a person

Don't associate the party with grades, or else, you'll condition the two together, and might form some kind of dependency on tangible rewards to get good grades which can be a terrible thing. In the case of my friend she didn't keep it up after she got what she wanted. She ended up repeating a year and her parents were devistated. They weren't bad people, just unskilled parents that tried to use what they had learned in their childhood and it didn't work.

When she graduated high school she moved out of state and I didn't have much contact with her there after.

Quinceañera are to celebrate the child's birth and shouldn't be used as an opportunity to reward or punish. There is something to be said for unconditional love and that is what a birthday celebration should be not something the child has to earn. If the child is getting bad grades, it is as much the parent's failure to instill a good work ethic and a sense of routine as it is the child's laziness or lack of effort. It is a complicated issue.

Spoiling what should be a happy occasion will not help solve the problem.

It may make them worse.


Every year one genre seems to take the charts.

This year?

I'm hoping it'll be not one specific genre but a further diversification of styles and fusions.

Seeing radically different kinds of music topping the charts from week to week. One theme that will probably dominate across all genres like it has in the past though.

On that front I think music is going to be invigorated anything electronic or sample based with the minimum number of members and gear to make touring cheap. Most labels love it as it is good money, and I don't see a return to big bands, buses and lots of gear any time soon.

Personally, I'm hoping Riot Grrrl will make a comeback.


Teens end up with some terrible jobs. But there are some jobs out there for teens that aren't that bad. Lets face it the ammount of jobs that are open to teens are limited, and the good ones can be hard to come by.

One good one? The movie theater.

I spent about a year working at a movie theater. Short bursts of insane business, followed by plenty of down time to screw around.

It can be hard work at times and the hours can get kind of wild (working to late is not uncommon), but you generally get all the free soda and popcorn you want.

Theater staff tends to skew young, so you could be with people your own age, which is great. And because there is a lot of staff turnover with businesses that depend on teens, if you stick it out, you can make supervisor or management in a reasonable amount of time.

Some theaters have free ticket exchange programs, where you can take friends to see movies for free at your theater, or even other theaters sometimes. You'd have to check with the management, but you would expect at least one free pass for yourself for just about anything.

It was honestly some of the most fun I've had at a job.

Obviously theaters will vary, but I thought we had it pretty good. We were paid above minimum wage, were allowed to see movies for free, earned guest passes to take our friends to movies, free popcorn, pop, and frozen drinks, heavily discounted other concessions, and had flexible hours.

Also - if you like free promotional stuff, be prepared for a ton of it.


Is eating healthy a form of activism? It is for some. The British BPS posted an article about one such teen.

A quote from the original source:

Adolescents are sometimes characterized as concerned only with short-term selfish aims, but recent developmental science high- lights that this is a period of increased concern for social justice and beyond-the-self aims (15, 16). This phenomenon is instantiated by attraction to social movements such as vegetarianism or antiglobalization activism (17) and is tied to neural and endocrine system developments that heighten attention to unfairness (18) and create a greater concern for finding meaning in life (19). This attention to social justice often manifests as reactance against authorities (e.g., parents and teachers); adolescents are often highly motivated to avoid being seen as aligned with the interests of unjust adult authorities. But it can also manifest as a more general condemnation of societal unfairness and motivate prosocial action to address that unfairness (16). The opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the world beyond the self can create a powerful feeling of eudaimonic reward in the immediate term (15 – 17, 19).

Some thoughts on the research and the title of the article.

Looking at the study, 75% of subjects in the treatment group chose a sugary drink (control: 82%) the day after the intervention. So only a very small minority made a different choice (7%), compared to control. This pretty much invalidates the title: "Teens reject junk food when healthy eating is framed as rebellion".

Also, since the study only tested choices 1 day post-treatment, we don't know anything about long-term effects. What are their choices 1 week after the intervention? 1 month? 1 year? Do they need to be reminded in frequent intervals for the treatment to work?

What about contexts outside of school?

The title is consistent with the results of the paper. It's better to look at the statistical significance, rather than raw percentage, which actually isn't all that useful as a metric of significant difference. From the paper:

Adolescents chose fewer junk food options in the exposé condition than in the control: MControl = 2.30, SD = 0.79; MExposé = 2.13, SD = 0.85; ordered logistic regression, χ2(1) = 5.34, P = 0.020, d = 0.22

It was a significant difference. Meaning the experimental group was significantly less likely to choose junk food options compared to the control group. You can argue about the effect size if you want, but you can't simply say the title has been invalidated, full stop.

I actually kind of feel like eating healthy is much more 'chic' and fashionable than it was maybe 10 years or so ago.

So instead of rebelling like teens would, young adults make themselves appear more sophisticated by their well-informed food choices. Just look at how much people love avocados now. Or how many healthy meals are posted to Instagram. I think because eating well makes you look attractive (thin, healthy skin, etc) its the natural leap to think that healthy food is sexy food.

So it manifests differently in adults, but still follows the same sort of path, I think.